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NauDoc (2.8)

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Released by Naumen for Naumen under Freeware available for All platforms.
Software development stage: stable
NauDoc system is meant for automation of the office work processes (business-processes, workflows), documentation archive keeping, executive discipline control, remote work with documentation of branches and representatives, quality control system support, according to the valid international regulations.

The main problems the system solves are the following:

·  provides the effective management tools;

·  automates and enhances the quality of executive discipline control;

·  increases of labor productivity and shortens the total time of documentation process;

·  speeds up the work with customers;

·  supports the processes of effective accumulation, management and access to knowledge and information;

·  significantly simplifies and makes the paper documentation storing cheaper due to electronic archives;

·  optimizes business processes, automates their realization and control;

·  provides the formal documentation flow procedures;

Key advantages:

·  ability to work at any place worldwide: the complete system functionality is available in Internet via the secure channel;

·  advanced architecture: Python high-level development language allowing to realize a business-logic fast; an object database ZODB with Open Source codes

·  Open Source codes: NauDoc is designed in accordance with the Open Source technology, providing a high level of software product security and reliability. It reduces the ownership cost of information system and allows to be independent of the single software provider;

·  Free licenses: the system is distributed with free licenses; therefore the increase in the number of workplaces does not result in cost escalation on software purchase. The term of "pirate software" becomes senseless. Free License policy stimulates supplier company to produce higher quality software and provides complete technical support in proper time. Solution value is formed from the cost of specific implementation, not from the abstract man-years spent on basic software development.

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